Lecture on The Twelve Gods & Goddesses of Flowers and Painting & Calligraphy Demonstration by Mr Sze Chiu LEUNG (梁仕釗大師)

Mr Sze Chiu Leung (梁仕釗大師) is a prominent Chinese artist. He was born and educated, and spent the majority of his life, in Hong Kong. After he retired, he moved to Sydney, Australia with his family. Mr Leung has been painting and practising Chinese calligraphy for over 50 years. During this time, he has mastered the techniques passed from earlier generations, and transformed traditional Chinese painting into his own contemporary style. The subject matters of his painting range from the more traditional peonies to other flora and fauna such as domestic pets, Australian native parrots and Australian native flowers.

In more recent years, Mr Leung has been closely studying the works of calligraphy master, Huai Su (懷素), from the Tang Dynasty, and through practice created his own calligraphy style. His works show incredible strength and power and yet flow like a river – a rare combination indeed.

Mr Leung has held solo exhibitions of his works in many locations across the globe, including Hong Kong, Toronto, New York and Sydney, and his works are treasured by collectors around the world. His more recent works include “The 100 Treasures Collection”, “The 100 Peonies Collection”, “The Twelves Gods and Goddesses of Flowers” and “Sze Chiu Leung Interpretation of Ancient Poetry”.

The Twelve Gods and Goddesses of Flowers is a series of twelve exquisite paintings, each depicting a specially chosen flower as its subject matter, and perfectly complemented by poetry written in the artist’s unique style of calligraphy. In his work, the artist uses the essence of each flower to represent a legendary character in Chinese history.


The Plum Blossom  – the flower goddess of January


The Magnolia – the flower goddess of February


The Peach Blossom – the flower goddess of March

The Peony – the flower goddess of April (Featured Image)


The Azalea – the flower god of May


The Lotus – the flower goddess of June

The Cockscomb- the flower god of July

The Cassia- the flower goddess of August

The Chrysanthemum – the flower god of September

The Hibiscus- the flower goddess of October

The Camellia – the flower god of November

The Narcissus – the flower goddess of December


For further information, please see :

Sing Tao Weekly (星島周刊), Vol 849, 2017.02.04, p 66-67

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