A comparison of 2 different varieties or sub-species of Eucalyptus sideroxylon

My webpage on Eucalyptus sideroxylon features the tree which has pink flowers.


This post features Eucalyptus sideroxylon which has white flowers.

The flowers are arranged in an inflorescence of 4 to 7 or more. Each flower has long pedicel.

The development of the flower buds to flowers and finally to fruits
P1460155 (1024x904)
The appearance of the buds, flowers and fruit are similar except the colour of the stamens and the white variety is very slightly bigger.
P1460071 (1024x1005)
The operculum (bud cap) and the arrangement of the stamens of the white flower are similar to those of the pink flower.
P1460078 (1024x989)
The flower bud is cut vertically open to show the pistil and the stamens inside
P1460208 (1024x953)
Transverse section of the ovary revealing the 6 carpels inside

Most flowers have 6 carpels in the ovary but a few only have 5 carpels.

P1460158 (1024x833)
The leaves show more differences. The leave with white flowers is a bit shorter and wider than that with pink flowers.
P1460089 (770x1024)
Fruit is globose, hemispherical or ovoid, commonly 6-locular