The Year of the Rabbit (兔年)

The rabbit is a symbol of longevitypeace and prosperity in Chinese culture. 

Yuan Dynasty Jade belt decoration (元 玉帶飾)

Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368 CE) Jade rabbit belt decoration (元 玉兔帶飾)

Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) A pair of silver rabbits gold and precious stones hair pin (明 銀兔金簪一對)

Attributed to Qi Baishi (齊白石) (1864 – 1957) Two rabbits, ink and watercolour on paper

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Animal – The Year of the Rabbit (兔年) – Patrick Siu Chinese Calligraphy & Landscape Painting 蕭燿漢談書畫

I wish my readers a blessed and delightful Year of the Rabbit,