An easy way to draw the colourful autumn leaves is to draw the outline of the leaves and fill various hues of yellow, orange and red within the outlines.



The above painting is a simplified version of part of a major work of Professor Huang Chun-pei (Jun-pi) (黄君璧教授) (1898-1991). In front of the great master’s work, my painting is inferior.  Please see the image below:

A portion of a major work of Huang Chun-pei 秋谿積翠 Autumn scene (1984)

The rapids have been removed and replaced with simple shore lines. The waterfall is moved to the left hand side to leave space for the inscriptions on the right hand side.

After mastering the my simplified version, you are highly recommended to learn directly from the elegant works of Professor Huang, the real master of shan shui painting.


Some images of the autumn leaves


The autumn leaves of Chinese tallowtree

Can the above image be drawn in Chinese painting style?

This is a great challenge and I would love to see it.


Beautiful autumn scene of plane trees & oriental sweetgum in a Sydney street


Beautiful music depicting the autumn leaves

Autumn Leaves – Yenne Lee plays 2004 Pepe Romero Jr.


This page is dedicated to my beloved teacher Mr IP Chit Hoo. He lives in Hong Kong and he is 100 years old.