WANG Jianquan’s (王建權) three-day Shanshui Painting Course


Hukou Waterfall (壺口瀑布) of Yellow River, 2010, ink and watercolur on rice paper, 98 x 200 cm


Beijing artist WANG Jianquan (王建權) will run a three-day Shanshui (Landscape) Painting Course in Mandarin from 9 (Monday) to 11 (Wednesday) January, 2017 at Chinese Cultural Centre, Chatswood.


9日(星期一):    介紹 山水畫工具(筆、紙、墨、印章); 如何畫石頭、樹木、瀑布; 如何畫風景速寫。

10 日(星期二):      深入講解及示範寫山水画的程序,從構圖、起稿、用墨勾線、皴法到染色全都過程。

11日(星期三):      創作練習: 老師提供畫稿,學員臨摩。對每個學員進行輔導、修改。

Venue : Chinese Cultural Centre 中華文化中心, G/F Tower B, 799 Pacific Highway, Chatswood.

Time : 10:15 am to 12:15 pm, 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Fee :  A$150 for 3 days

For further information, please contact Rosa 0413 863 831


Wang Jianquan Landscape Painting Exhibition – Australian Impressions (王建權畫展 -澳洲印象)

Blue Mountains (2015), ink and watercolour on rice paper (220 x 362 cm)


Chinese Cultural Centre, Chatswood 車士活中華文化中心

2016.12.10 (Saturday) to 12.19 (Monday)

Opening Hours : Monday, Wednesday to Saturday –  10 am to 1 pm; and 1.30 pm to 4:00 pm

Tuesday – from 12:00 noon to 1 pm; and 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm

Sundays closed

All are welcome 歡迎各界蒞臨參觀

Venue : 799 Pacific Highway, Chatswood

corner of Victoria Avenue and Katherine Street.

Mr WANG Jianquan is an artist and an art teacher based at Beijing, China. In 2014, he organized a Solo Exhibition in Sydney and after that he toured various places including the Great Ocean Road and Uluru. He was greatly impressed by the red soil, blue waters and the friendly attitude of the local people. He made a lot of sketches and drew on large rice paper after he returned to Beijing. His style is a good combination of western painting and traditional Chinese painting. Mr Wang would be present at the venue from Wednesday to Saturday and would like to meet with fellow artists.

北京畫家王建權 :《澳洲印象》畫展在卓士活 Chatswood 中華文化中心舉行。現已開始,展至12月19日 (星期一)。王建權在2014年來雪梨舉辦個人展覽,大獲好評。展覽後他到澳洲各地如大洋路, 烏魯魯等旅遊及寫生。他深深地被澳洲的紅土地,蔚藍色的海洋及純樸的風土人情所感動。回北京後他努力將澳洲的美景寫在宣紙上。今次展覽有大畫數張, 最觸目的是巨畫《欲窮千里目- 藍山景觀 》(220 x 362 cm), 這張畫融合西畫透視和色彩及國畫的皴法和神韻。此外還有數十張寫澳洲風景的設色水墨和水彩小幅, 十分精彩。

Mr and Mrs Wang with Patrick (The photo shows the large size of the painting.)