The Good Shepherd 天生良牧



To celebrate my 60th Birthday, I worked with an old piece of my Calligraphy teacher, Mr WONG Wai Cheong 黃維琩老師. This piece of Calligraphy is about Jesus Christ – our Redeemer and our good shepherd.   I am a practising Catholic but I also study Buddhist sutras respectfully.  Buddhist literature is immensely important to Chinese literature and philosophy. The Diamond Sutra (金剛經) emphasizes the practice of non-abiding and non-attachment. It is not about the worship of idols for materialistic things.  I admire great Calligraphy work especially the gigantic writings on mountain cliffs. A lot of those writings were about Buddhist literature.  People at that time were very courageous and had very strong faith and great dedications. They were also highly gifted and artistic. People today still learn from old masterpieces engraved on rocks.

The text is as follows:

天生良牧  步武基督  我主是宗  天恩共沐  傳道東來  華人悅服  開我心門  拯我靈肉

病者以瘳  飢者以畜  教謹序庠  賛參化育  愛德流行  羣獲天福  臺上之鐙  人前之燭

More information about Mr Wong can be seen at my website page called ‘Studies of the Calligraphy of Mr WONG Wai Cheong’.