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The appearance of the shrub. The height is about 2 metres.

Buckinghamia celsissima, commonly known as the ivory curl, belongs to family Proteaceae. They are native in the wet tropical rainforests in the north eastern Queensland, Australia. They also grow well in subtropical places. It is planted widely as a street tree in Sydney suburbs and many other places. 

Buckinghamia celsissima  produces inflorescences of curled ivory coloured flowers from late summer through into autumn.  The flowers are full of nectar which attracts birds and bees alike.

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The inflorescence of creamy white flowers and fruit
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The inflorescence of flower buds
P1050105 (1024x877)
Part of an inflorescence of flower buds (top) and part of an inflorescence of flowers in full bloom (bottom)
Close-up view of the flowers in an inflorescence

The flower does not have separate petals or sepals but both structures fused together and form 4 perianths. Anthers are attached onto the end of the perianths.

The flower bud
The flower bud
A single mature flower
The flower dissected into the pistil and 4 perianths with stamens attached to the top part
The flower dissected into the pistil and 4 perianths with stamens attached to the top part
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The perianth on the right has yellow anthers (yellow coloured structure) attached onto it.

The pistil is made up of stigma, style and ovary. The stigma receives pollen grains. The ovary houses 4 ovules inside.

P1430964 (813x1024)
Stigma with pollen grains attached onto it
P1430983 (523x1024)
The ovary has been longitudinally cut open to show the ovule (pale yellow structure) inside
P1430990 (703x1024)
The ovule has been dislodged a little from the ovary tissue to show the three dimensional structure
The top ovule has been further dislodged to show another ovule behind it. This is half of the ovary. There are 4 ovules in the whole ovary.

After fertilization, the ovules develop into seeds and the ovary grows and develops into a fruit. The fruit is  woody, 1.5–2 cm long.

P1470200 (992x1024)
The developing fruits about 4 months after fertilization. The stigmas still stay on the green fruits.
P1050110 (1024x957)
The fruit from the flowers of the previous year


P1050142 (1024x999)
A taller street tree of Buckinghamia celsissima in Sydney. It is about 4 to 5 metres  tall.
P1050147 (689x1024)
The bark of the trunk