Professor Huang Chun-pei (Jun-pi)(黄君璧教授) (1898-1991) demonstrated another elegant method of painting the colourful autumn leaves. The following is a portion of a major work of Professor Huang painted in 1969.

To illustrate to my students at Workshop Arts Centre how to draw the autumn leaves, I imitated Professor Huang’s work in the images below, showing the process.

Imitation of Professor Huang’s work

Step 1  Use pale ink to sketch the trees and the rocks. Dots are used to depict the leaves. But the dots do not occupy the whole trees. Some blank spaces are left.


Step 2  Add orange dots to the blank spaces of the trees.


Step 3  Add yellow dots around the orange dots.


Step 4  Add red dots to certain trees.



Step 5  To the top of some trees add black dots to enhance the contrast.