WANG Jianquan’s (王建權) three-day Shanshui Painting Course


Hukou Waterfall (壺口瀑布) of Yellow River, 2010, ink and watercolur on rice paper, 98 x 200 cm


Beijing artist WANG Jianquan (王建權) will run a three-day Shanshui (Landscape) Painting Course in Mandarin from 9 (Monday) to 11 (Wednesday) January, 2017 at Chinese Cultural Centre, Chatswood.


9日(星期一):    介紹 山水畫工具(筆、紙、墨、印章); 如何畫石頭、樹木、瀑布; 如何畫風景速寫。

10 日(星期二):      深入講解及示範寫山水画的程序,從構圖、起稿、用墨勾線、皴法到染色全都過程。

11日(星期三):      創作練習: 老師提供畫稿,學員臨摩。對每個學員進行輔導、修改。

Venue : Chinese Cultural Centre 中華文化中心, G/F Tower B, 799 Pacific Highway, Chatswood.

Time : 10:15 am to 12:15 pm, 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Fee :  A$150 for 3 days

For further information, please contact Rosa 0413 863 831


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