Aerial View of Estuaries in Northern Territory

Flight Path of QF127 (Courtesy of Qantas Airways Ltd)
Flight Path of QF127 (Courtesy of Qantas Airways Ltd)
Reference: Slade, Barry (1992) Capricornia Country, Angus & Robertson

On 12 October 2016 on my way from Sydney to Hong Kong on QF127, I saw the magnificent aerial view of estuaries into the sea in Northern Territories. The views  are breathtaking. The rivers with their branches and sub-branches look like the feet and claws of a dragon. The land is in various colours of brown, yellow, beige and white. Soft and harmonious pastel colours are excellent media to draw these amazing views.





A Request:

I should be most grateful if anyone can help me identify some of the geographic features of the river mouths. Your guidance will be greatly appreciated.



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