2 thoughts on “Ficus microcarpa and Ficus macrophylla

  1. Thank you for showing the readers another type of fig trees. I only know the common fig plant — the Ficus Carica which has five lobes of leaves and looks like a hand. It is easy to be transplanted by cutting a branch and put into the dirt for growing.


  2. Good morning Patrick

    Thank you for the meticulous explanation on Ficus Microcarpa.

    I have always thought the trees in my local park are Lilly Pillies because they bear fruits that look like other Lilly Pilliy plants. Now you make it so much easier to identify by studying its leaves, trucks and aerial roots.

    Sometimes I take my environment for granted but if I pause and study and observe, you can get more enjoyment.

    Your plant/flower study series have definitely add another dimension to my appreciation and awareness of my immediate surroundings.

    Much appreciated.


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