Couplets for Chinese New Year 春貼 (春聯, 揮春)

時和世泰, 人壽年豐。 (左 : 楷書,  ‧右: 隸書)
時和世泰, 人壽年豐。
(左 : 楷書, ‧右: 隸書)


Spring couplets (春聯 ) are usually seen on the sides of doors leading to people’s homes or as hanging scrolls in an interior. They used as a New Year’s decoration that expresses happy and hopeful thoughts for the coming year. They are usually written on red paper, the colour of happiness.

Originating from around 600 CE and flourishing during the last thousand year, spring couplets remain an enduring aspect of Chinese culture.  Please see more examples on my new page on couplets for Chinese New Year.

Single words :

福 (行書)
福 (行書)


Good Fortune
Good Fortune




5 thoughts on “Couplets for Chinese New Year 春貼 (春聯, 揮春)

  1. Patrick, Congratulations on your great website. Thanks for sharing your beautiful calligraphy and painting. It is blessing to all of us.


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