Professor Huang Chun-pei (Jun-pi)(黄君璧教授) (1898-1991) was a native of Nanhai, Guangdong (廣東南海). Professor Huang excelled in painting landscapes, particularly clouds, streams and waterfalls. He taught at Guangzhou Municipal College of Art (廣州市立美術學校), National Central University (國立中央大學), Taiwan Normal University (臺灣師範大學) and his own Baiyun Studio (白雲堂). Professor Huang travelled widely all round the world sketching and painting major waterfalls such as Iguazu Falls, Victoria Falls, Niagara Falls and mountains in China. He held exhibitions in many major cities all round the world. Professor Huang set up homes and studios in Taipei and Hong Kong. He has educated numerous artists and made great contributions to Chinese fine art.



The album-size painting (34 x 27 cm) Listening to the Waterfalls (倚杖聽泉) is small and simple in composition, but it contains a lot of important techniques for learning. Once the techniques have been mastered we can proceed to bigger works.

Drawing the trees


Copying the landscape painting



I  would like to thank Mr Ip Chit Hoo wholeheartedly for teaching me the techniques and skills of landscape painting.  Mr Ip studied with Professor Huang at Guangzhou Municipal College of Art (廣州市立美術學校) in 1930s. Mr Ip kept in touch with Professor Huang in Hong Kong until Professor Huang passed away in 1991.


Lo, Yin Meng and Chai Shui Yun (1987) One Hundred Paintings by Master Jun-Bi Huang, Shui-Yun-Chai Studio