Great artists like Ma Yuan (馬遠) (c1160 – 1225),  Ma Lin (馬麟) (c1180 – after 1256) and Xia Gui (夏珪) (c1195 – c1224)(c1180 – c1230) were three of the great masters of landscape painting in the Southern Song (南宋) (1127 – 1279).


Ma Yuan (馬遠) (c1160 – 1225) Dancing and Singing (Peasants Returning from Work) (踏歌圖), ink and watercolour on silk, Palace Museum, Beijing


Ma Lin (馬麟) (c1180 – after 1256) Quietly Listening to Wind in the Pines (靜聽松風), ink and watercolor on silk, National Palace Museum, Taiwan



Xia Gui (夏珪) (c1195- c1224) Pure and Remote View of Streams and Mountains (溪山清遠圖), ink and watercolor on silk, 46.5 × 889 cm, National Palace Museum, Taiwan
Detailed – this little section contain all the magnificent ‘axe-chop’ ts’un.


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