Shǐ Chén Hòu Bēi 《史晨後碑》碑陰 魯相史晨饗孔子廟碑》

A fine rubbing of the whole stele Shǐ Chén Hòu Bēi 史晨後碑
Details of the rubbing
Details of the rubbing

The stele is located in the Temple of Confucius at Qufu (曲阜孔廟). Shi Chen (史晨), the Administrator of Lu (魯), arrived at Lu in the first year of the Jianning (建寧) of Lindi (靈帝) in the Eastern Han Dynasty (168 AD).  The stele mentioned how Shi Chen made offerings at the Temple of Confucius (孔廟) upon taking up the official position at Lu.  It recorded the names and the titles of the main officials present in the solemn ceremony. Altogether 907 people were in attendance.

Shi Chen also looked after the welfare of the people. He organized the repair of the outer wall on the main road, the renovation and painting of houses, and the repair of the big ditch, etc. He planted wheat on the outskirt of the town to fund the projects instead of imposing a levy on the people. He particularly cared for the people living in Kong Du (孔瀆) and Yan Mu Jing (顏母井) by exempting their taxes, setting up a market place so that the people can get fresh meat and wine without travelling a long distance and repairing the roads and wells .  He planted two rows of Catalpa trees (梓樹) along the main road. Si Chen also established four guards to look after the tomb of Confucius, the houses of Confucius’s mother (顏母) and Confucius’s wife (亓官氏) and the tomb of Lu Gong (魯公, Bo Qin 伯禽).

The full text of the stele is as follows.

《史晨後碑》碑陰 魯相史晨饗孔子廟碑》



My copy of the full text of the stele is as follows.

The sequence of the brush strokes of some typical characters





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