Mr CHOW Korn Chuen Leo (周幹全先生) is a master artist of Chinese flower and bird painting. Born in Dongguan County, Guangdong Province (廣東省東莞縣) in 1942, he spent most his early years in Hong Kong. Since 1964, Mr Chow studied with Master Szeto Kei (司徒奇大師), a famous artist, art educator and the founder of Cang Cheng (蒼城) School in Hong Kong. Master Szeto migrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1976.  Painting the peonies, Bombax (red cotton tree) flowers, wisteria, roses, morning glory, peacocks, herons, and carps are Mr Chow’s specialties. He has mastered all the meticulous techniques of flower paintings, developing at the same time his own style. He is adept in catching the spirit of his objects.  All his works are inscribed with his elegant calligraphy. He has studied Chinese Calligraphy with renowned Chinese Calligraphy Master Mr Chan Hing Hung (陳荊鴻老師) and Seal Carving with renowned scholar Mr Chan Yu Shan (陳語山老師). Mr Chow migrated to Sydney in 1985 and he had worked in the Blue Mountains. He has held many painting exhibitions in Sydney, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and other cities. At present, he teaches Chinese painting and calligraphy at the Chinese Cultural Centre, Chatswood.

牡丹萬壽  Peonies (2012) 130 x 67 cm


w2 (2)
春芳翠羽 Peacocks and Peonies (2012) 130 x 67 cm


Two Peacocks
牡丹孔雀 Peonies and Peacocks by the Waterfall
P1030213 (539x1024)
牆高蝶渡遲 Wisteria and butterflies.  Inscribed by Master Chan Hing Hung (陳荊鴻老師) (1983)


IMG_2848 (339x1024)
花市所見 A Bouquet of Flowers. Inscribed by Master Szeto Kei (司徒奇大師) (1964).


IMG_2827 (500x1024)
梅花牡丹 Peaches, Pine and Peonies (1980). Inscribed by Mr Chan Yu Shan (陳語山老師)


IMG_2857 (506x1024)
紅棉 Flowers of Bombax (Red Cotton Tree) (2001)



Mr Chow
Mr Chow in his studio


P1030255 (1024x584)
Mr Chow’s 2016 Exhibition at Chinese Cultural Centre in Chatswood, Sydney

社區: 周幹全擅畫花鳥
雪梨畫展今揭幕   1 June 2016 / 09:30 a.m.



展覽地點:車士活中華文化中心799 Pacific Highway, Chatswood。開放時間:星期一至六上午10時至下午1時及下午1時30分至4時(星期日休息)。查詢電話:(02) 9411 3799。

賦賀周幹全老師畫展 蘇楹




I would like to thank Mr Chow most sincerely for his guidance and kind advice. Mr Chow has been my mentor in Sydney and my inspiration. I am most grateful to Mr Chow for teaching me flower painting.



春風滿蒼城 Cang Cheng Filled with Spring Breeze, 2013 –  Master Szeto Kei, 105th Birthday Memorial Joint Art Exhibition, Cang Cheng Art Association Golden Jubilee Celebration, ISBN 978-988-12203-4-9

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