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The Australian Chinese Painting Society was formed to provide a regular meeting place for practitioners as well as lovers of Oriental art, and to promote interest and appreciation of Oriental brush art in its many forms.The Society encourages participating members to develop an Australian perspective of this globally practiced art form, as a contribution to Australia’s multicultural art milieu. The Society’s membership includes internationally recognized artists, teachers and students, as well as lovers of Oriental art.

Mr Sze Chiu LEUNG (梁仕釗大師) is a great master of Chinese painting and Calligraphy. Flower painting and cursive writing are his expertise. Mr Leung has hold many solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, Sydney and in many other major cities. Mr Leung has many publications and he lectures at Chinese University of Hong Kong. He and his family live in Sydney.

2010 Mr Leung's Exhibition 016

2010 Mr Leung's Exhibition 017 (1280x891)
The details of a long scroll of flower painting
Dance of Butterflies 蝶舞
Dance of Butterflies 蝶舞 Dated 2008 (戊子)
Mr Leung and Patricj in Mr Leung's Solo Exhibition in September, 2010 in Sydney
Mr Leung and Patrick. Photo taken in Mr Leung’s Solo Exhibition in September, 2010 in Sydney