Exhibition of Mr CHOW Korn Chuen Leo (周幹全先生個人画展)

Mr CHOW Korn Chuen Leo (周幹全先生) is exhibiting his major works in Chinese painting at the Chinese Cultural Centre at Chatswood (中華文化中心).

Date: 1 June  (Wednesday) to 6 June 2016 (Monday) (except 5 June, Sunday)



Mr CHOW Korn Chuen Leo (周幹全先生) is a master artist of Chinese flower and bird painting. Born in Dongguan County, Guangdong Province (廣東省東莞縣) in 1942, he spent most his early years in Hong Kong. Since 1964, Mr Chow has studied with Master Szeto Kei (司徒奇大師), a famous artist, art educator and the founder of Cang Cheng (蒼城) School in Hong Kong. Master Szeto migrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1980s.  Painting the peonies, red cotton flowers, wisteria, roses, morning glory, peacocks, herons, and carps are Mr Chow’s specialties. He has mastered all the meticulous techniques of flower paintings, developing at the same time his own style. He is adept in catching the spirit of his objects.  All his works are inscribed with his elegant calligraphy. He has studied Chinese Calligraphy with renowned Chinese Calligraphy Master Mr Chan Hing Hung (陳荊鴻老師) and Seal Carving with renowned scholar Mr Chan Yu Shan (陳語山老師). Mr Chow migrated to Sydney in 1985 and he had worked in the Blue Mountains. He has held many painting exhibitions in Sydney, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and other cities. At present, he teaches Chinese painting and calligraphy at the Chinese Cultural Centre, Chatswood.

See below two examples of his major works. I strongly recommend art lovers to visit Mr Chow’s exhibition.

w2 (2)
Peacocks and Peonies (2012)


Peonies and butterflies (2012)


2 thoughts on “Exhibition of Mr CHOW Korn Chuen Leo (周幹全先生個人画展)

  1. Great gratitude and thanks Mr Leo Chow for sharing his masterpieces with the public in this exhibition. It enhances and broadens the horizon of my appreciation on the fine intricacy of lineal painting (Gung Bei), with the joining of the movement of the natural style (Shieh Yi). It is truly a good chance for the art lovers and learners to explore the painting style of the Chinese culture. Big thanks


  2. Hi Patrick

    Managed to get to the exhibition today and had a splendid time.

    Thanks to your classes and tuition, I think I can appreciate these paintings are truly beautiful and intricate. The peonies and peacocks are wonderful and I specially like the sparrows and the wisteria.

    It also has ignited my desire to practice calligraphy again.

    See you Sunday if the weather is not too menacing as severe storms and strong winds have been predicted for the weekend.

    Best regards Dorothy

    Sent from my iPhone



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