3 thoughts on “The Art of Mr CHIU Soong-ngar (趙祟雅老師)

  1. Hi Patrick

    Sorry I cannot get back to you earlier…got home late last night and had a very busy day at the office.

    Thanks for this beautiful tribute to Mr. Chiu and I love the paintings you have posted.

    Also, I have forwarded your tribute to Angie (email address: ayetling@gmail.com). I will also forward it to Locilla once I have her email address.

    Have a nice evening Dorothy

    On Sun, Nov 22, 2015 at 5:07 PM, “Patrick Siu Chinese Calligraphy &


  2. Thanks for sharing the news and paintings of Mr Chiu Soong Ngar. He was truly a respectful and great artist of the present Century. I love his paintings and his masterpieces of finger brushwork are so esthetical. RIP.
    Send with deepest sympathy to his family.

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