2 thoughts on “Chongyang Festival (重陽節) / Double Ninth Festival (重九節)

  1. Marvellous poems and paintings of Shito and your teacher’s. Amazingly your teacher has been able to continue his daunting task with brilliant and vivid colour of the flowers 60 years after the former work at his age.
    Again thanks for sharing.

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  2. Hi Patrick

    Another great read !

    The only Dog Wood Tree I have ever seen was outside the museum at Berrima. A beautifully shaped tree with pinkish white flowers.

    I wonder if the Chinese Dog Wood tree would be the same. Interesting though to know that Botanical connections across continents and time.

    This is the kind of story I am sure would be enjoyed by generations to come….. good against evil, suspense, tragedy , bravery, heroic acts…..the malevolent got defeated, peace and calm restored….

    These type of mythical stories are an integral part of our culture, to give us faith and courage to face adversities.

    Thank you.

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